The leading community of financial entrepreneurs, we at World Reserves have set ourselves to provide optimal support to the financial sectors in the global markets. Established in 2017 by a small group of sophisticated investors in the crypto industry, World Reserves works with the next influential crypto-currency, Ripple & XAG Xrpalike Gene.

Combining the power of XRP & XAG Xrpalike Gene with the network marketing business model, has provided an opportunity for its Members to profit by referring and selling our contract packages. 








Future Science Holdings Inc. (OTC: WMTM) is focused in select industries, leveraging our expertise and extensive relationships to maximize value for our investors. Future Science Holdings (FSH) enhances its investments by providing them with strategic planning and corporate development, operational design, customer and partner relationship development, media and public relations, sales and marketing analyses, and investor relations management.

With our cross-border expertise in China and South East Asian markets, FSH is developing cross-border relationships which support the execution of our business plan. More importance, it allows FSH to develop new products and services while having a distribution to funnel such products and services.


The Future Science Holdings team is a tight-knit crew. Some of us have already worked together on successful projects, and we enjoy building companies as a group. Now, we’re putting our brains together to bring a synergistic companies with 21st century technology.

Being fluent in blockchain and commerce, innovating change with our holding companies seemed like the clear path to our next entrepreneurial endeavor. More and more people join our team every day. Experts of their own field bring their contribution to our ambitious project, which is to change the financial world.


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